Timetable Maker


If you have weekly events or appointments to keep track of, you can create a timetable that presents your schedule clearly —accessible anywhere, any time. We'll send you the private links to update and share your schedule along with links to an iCalendar file that adds your events to your device's calendar or Google Calendar and syncs them automatically when you make changes.

You can print any time from the edit page and even set reminders for your events! Timetable Maker is the fastest and easiest way to plan your weekly and future events and, best of all, it's free!

Step-by-step guide

How it works

Create your timetable

Add events on iPhone
Receive the private links

Links in Mail on iPhone
Subscribe with your favourite calendar

Calendar events on iPhone

It's that easy!

Printing your planner

Frequently asked questions

The time zone for my timetable is wrong in Google Calendar. How can I fix this?

Timetable Maker uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) when you subscribe with your calendar, meaning that your device or application chooses the time zone.
Please read Use Google Calendar in different time zones for instructions how to change the time zone of your "calendar".