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Privacy policy

We provide a user-friendly interface for creating share-worthy schedules and offer calendar hosting as a free service. Anyone can create a timetable without the hassle of registration and, if they choose to, share it with others
This Privacy policy describes what information we collect and how we may use it
Updated November 8, 2022


  • We store your email address when you provide it to us
  • we send you email when you use the service and for promotional purposes
  • we will not share your email address with a third party
  • you can unsubscribe from our service by clicking the unsubscribe link in an email we sent you


  • View and edit links are randomly generated and not listed. Share at your discretion
  • the content of your timetables may be reflected in the promotional material you receive

Subscribe / Timetable Maker Pro

  • When you subscribe or submit a registration form where there is a reCAPTCHA input, your IP address is sent to Google as part of the verification


  • If you are not logged in as a paid user:
    on the home page, the blog, or when viewing timetables belonging to unpaid users, Google may access and modify the content of the page for the purpose of serving ads

Other Information

  • We store your IP address and user agent (basic information about your device / web browser)
  • your approximate location (based on your email, IP address, and/or request language) may be reflected in the promotional material you receive