New Updates and Thanks

Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for supporting Timetable Maker, the best free online schedule builder. We are continuously growing and refining our service.

We have updated the app code to be generally faster and quicker to load the page. We’ve improved printing your timetable and you can now change event duration after placement. Changes were also made on the back-end to improve future maintenance.

Improvements for Timetable Manager users: when you invite someone and give them access to a timetable, you will now see the exact time we confirmed the receipt under “Delivery”. Not only that, but we’ve rewritten our contact management to show past invites by address, even if they are no loner in your contact list. Enjoy!

Timetable Manager is Here

In April, we announced that we were working on new business services for Timetable Maker. We did it!

Introducing Timetable Manager

If you work in real estate, event planning, or personal training, we think you will really enjoy the ease, convenience, and peace of mind that comes with planning and inviting clients to purposeful, clear timetables on Timetable Maker . The Manager service lets you

  • Create unlimited timetables
  • Delete timetables
  • Save contacts
  • Send email and SMS invitations
  • Delivery confirmation

If you register soon, you will be eligible for a 30-day free trial of the service so that you can get a good idea of its usefulness.

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Announcing Timetable Maker Business Services


We are pleased to announce that Timetable Maker will be gaining new professional features soon.

If you need to

  • Plan a schedule for someone
  • Publish office hours and special events
  • Share weekly meetings and appointments internally

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You’ll be able to

  • Log in for enhanced security
  • Manage unlimited timetables in one place
  • Send email and text message invitations
  • See who has subscribed to a timetable

Keep your employees or volunteers coordinated using our intuitive interface! More information coming soon.

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Getting Started with Timetable Maker

It’s a very common need to create a timetable for school, work, or a hobby to print or add to your email or device’s calendarTimetable Maker makes it easy!

Adding weekly events

We designed the timetable to be simple and easy to read. You can even change the clock if you prefer!


Customizing the timetable Typing in event details

  1. Go to Timetable Maker
  2. Customize your timetable’s settings if needed
  3. Type in the details for your event
  4. Click or tap the timetable where the event’s day and start time meet to place it

It’s that easy! You can update the events’ details after placing them by clicking or tapping.

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Planning Future Events with Timetable Maker


Timetable Maker lets you plan weekly and upcoming events. For such special occasions, due dates, or appointments, you will need to use the timeline.

Adding future events

The timeline is simple and easy to use! Your events will display just like they do on your timetable.


Typing in event details

  1. Go to Timetable Maker
  2. Type in the details for your event
  3. Click or tap to activate the timeline
  4. Drag, scroll, and pinch to the desired start date and time
  5. Click or tap again to place the event

It’s that easy! You can even drag to reschedule your events after placing them and update the details by clicking or tapping!

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Planning Your Child’s Week with Timetable Maker

As a parent, you have a lot on your plate since you manage at least two lives! Wouldn’t it be helpful to receive notifications on your phone to remind you to take them to soccer practice or their violin lesson?

Well you can with Timetable Maker! You can even add one-off future events like doctors’ appointments or parent-teacher conferences.

What you need to know
  • Timetable Maker is free to use!
  • You can edit your timetable on any device
  • You subscribe to your schedule using your devices calendar. Learn more
  • Your timetable is unlisted so sharing is up to you!
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Adding your eventsReceiving your links

Online Weekly Open House and Special Event Planner

Do you manage appointments or host any weekly or future events? Need to create an itinerary or schedule to share with clients and colleagues?

Introducing… Timetable Maker!

Timetable Maker is a free online tool and cloud service that lets you create a professional weekly planner in minutes using our intuitive, customizable template. Learn more

What can I do with my timetable?

Adding an event

  • Print your timetable instantly
  • View it online anywhere, any time
  • Share it using your private link
  • Subscribe with your calendar to sync and set reminders
Start now!

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Schedule your Employees, Volunteers, and Post Office Hours for Free with Timetable Maker


Can your customers and clients see when you’re available during the week? Can they view your upcoming special events and days off? Do you link to your timetable on your website or in your email signature? If you don’t, then you should start using Timetable Maker.

Timetable Maker lets you create a weekly schedule that your colleagues or clients can view online and subscribe to using their calendar if they have the private link. You can change the timetable any time and it will update automatically for all subscribers!

Best of all, Timetable Maker is free to use, so do your part in keeping everyone well-organized! 🙂

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Create a Weekly Planner for Printing with Timetable Maker

If you’ve ever tried to build a schedule from scratch or using a template, especially one that looks good, you know it can be difficult and time-consuming.
That’s why I created Timetable Maker. You can create a pretty timetable online and print it in just a few minutes.

What else can you do?
  • access your timetable online to view, edit, and share
  • add the events to your device’s calendar and they’ll sync automatically
  • set reminders so that your calendar will notify you about an event
  • add appointments or due dates to the timeline
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